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YourITprofile is a new global IT recruiting service. What makes us different is that our system helps you to view and compare the skills, prices and availability of the professionals in our talent pool.

YourITprofile uses a semantic database to categorise the various fields of expertise properly. You are able to view an employment history, a project portfolio, evaluated skill levels and desired salary rates for any person in the talent pool. You will also see whether this person is currently available and if not, when they will be available next time.

YourITprofile allows corporate members to post Job Ads. In your job ad you can specify schedule and required skills, nice-to have skills, and optionally a price range and payment options. When you receive applications, YourITprofile provides also an easy way for you to manage your applicants statuses.

YourITprofile provides you with the easiest way to look for specific people for specific tasks, and constantly networks with the talented people on your behalf. The whole of the talent pool consists of numerous professionals; their combined craftsmanship is ready for you - just send an invitation or make a call.

YourITprofile - Assisting your IT. Specifically.

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