Terms of Use

These Terms of Use apply to the YourITProfile -website (the "Service") produced and maintained by Automatic Solutions International OÜ's ("Provider"). Users should consult these Terms of Use carefully before beginning using the Service. By continuing using the Service, the User accepts these Terms of Use as a whole. In case the User does not accept these terms, the User may not continue using the Service.

Changing the Terms of Use

Service provider reserves the right to change the Terms of Use of the Service at any time, by notifying on the Service's website. The service provider shall inform future changes in the conditions of use as early as possible.

Description of Service

The purpose of the Service is to connect professionals and freelancers to employers and client companies. The Users create and manage their professional profile within the Service for the purpose of attracting employers and client companies through the Service. Employers and client companies create and manage their company corporate profile within the Service for the purpose of attracting skilled professionals through the Service. Employers and client companies can pay to create job openings into which professionals may apply if they fulfill the job requirements. Employers and client companies may access the profiles of professionals who have applied directly to their job openings. Furthermore, employers and client companies can pay to access and browse professional profiles whose owners have allowed their profile to be public. The Service welcomes Users from all around the world.

Access to Service

When a User obtains the right to use the Service, he/she must follow the Terms of Use and all other service rules and guidelines. When the User registers he/she must provide the required registration information, allowing the user to be identified with a password-protected user-specific ID for the purpose of using the Service. Giving false information is prohibited. Legal Persons shall be represented by Natural Persons for contact.

Material concessions

The ownership and copyrights of all material included in the Sercice are owned either by Provider or other service providers, or possible third parties. The only right to the Service given to the User is the right to use the Service by following these Terms of Use and possibly other service-specific terms of use. With the exception of material that the User has supplied to the Web Services on their own, the User has no right to create copies of any material included in the Web Services or disclose any material to the public by distributing, transferring, presenting or displaying it publicly without the written permission of Provider, unless otherwise required by a mandatory law. The User has no right to create a new product or service based on the Service and its contents. When a mandatory law gives the right to do so, the User is responsible for mentioning the source of the material that is borrowed from the Service. In certain parts of the Service the User is given the possibility to publish or distribute material by using the Service (eg. to discussion forums, professional profile). The material that is saved to the Service by the User or distributed by using the Service does not represent the opinion of Provider or show that Provider agrees with the User or recommends to act according to the material. The User gives Provider unlimited, world-wide, irrevocable and free license to use (including copying, distributing, modifying, or selling) the material that is being talked about in this section, including material published to discussion forums. This license, or right, to use the material includes the rights to change the products and hand over the rights to another party with our without a charge. The User gives Provider the right to review the material sent to the Service for publishing, and to publish it wholly or in part, or changed in a way that Provider sees fit. However, Provider is not required to pre-check any material and it is not required to publish the material at all and Provider has the right to delete already published material without having the User's consent.

Prices and costs to the user

The service has both free and paid services for the user. The paid services will be clearly indicated to the user and use a pre-paid model where user can clearly see and what he or she is paying for before confirming the payment. Once confirmed, all payments are non-refundable. Service provider reserves the right at any time to declare all or parts of the service as free or paid service.

Currently it is i) free to create a professional profile, ii) it costs to create a corporate profile, iii) it costs to post a job opening, iv) it costs to view the professional profiles in the CV database.

The functionality of the service, and responsibility for the content

Services are provided "as is". Provider strives to provide as smooth and reliable service, but does not give any warranty regarding the accuracy of the Service, validity, suitability or completeness. Service declines any guarantees for provided data's correctness or fitness for a particular purpose. Service provider is not responsible for any indirect or other damages resulting from the direct use of the Service, or the linked sites, including lost revenue, business interruption, or programs or stored data loss or loss, even if Service Provider is has been aware of the possibility of such damages.

Registration and Privacy

Using the service, certain functionality requires registration. Provider shall autonomously decide the conditions approving the registration process. After the registration any license granted is personal and can not be further disclosed without written consent by the Provider. User is responsible for all activities that occur his / her username. If the user does not comply with these Terms of Service Provider has the right to withdraw permission granted to the user and close the user's credentials. The information provided by the user to the Service shall be used for business purposes to produce the Service in accordance with the Terms of Use. The Service uses cookies. User may choose to block cookies in own browser settings. Blocking cookies may, however, adversely affect the operation of the service.

Professional profile management and search

Provider offers a service for professionals registered as Users to showcase their professional profile and find suitable job opportunities. Respectively, the Provider offers Service for companies registered as Users to introduce themselves to jobseekers and post job openings and search for suitable professionals. The User must describe his/her professional skills truthfully and objectively, taking into account the law and good practice requirements. Service Provider has the right to prevent the profile from appearing in, when it deems necessary. Specifically, User profiles may not exhibit banned items. Prohibited in areas of expertise are: (i) a clearly criminal activity, (ii) knowledge, the utilization of which is prohibited by law, (iii) skills, the exploitation of which is considered bad manners. If the Provider considers it necessary, the Provider has the right to remove any profile or part of ir from the Service and inform the profile owner. Furthermore, the user declares that he / she is an adult and in legal capacity to provide expertise to the employers. The Provider shall not participate in the contracts or agreements between the job provider and the professional. Furthermore, Provider does not offer compensation or payment of VAT through the Service in relation to the agreements. Service provider cannot give the users or providers any guarantee for the accuracy of the information provided, about the quality of work of the professional, accuracy, reliability or legality. Service provider can not ensure that a user has sufficient legal capacity. Service Provider is not responsible for possible failures or technical failures.

Validity period of Terms of Use

These Terms of Use become valid at 13.4.2016 and stay valid until further notice. Both parties can terminate their contract immediately without notice. Contract shall be deemed terminated when the user requests account closure. User Terms are binding in all cases, as long as he / she uses the Service. If Terms of Use have changed, the User must accept the terms of use again to continue using the service.

Applicable Law

Using the Service and these Terms of Use shall be subject to the legislation of the Republic of Estonia.

Settlement of disputes

Any disputes between Users and Provider arising from the use of the Service, not reaching settlement, shall be submitted for adjudication to Harju County Court, Estonia.

Other Terms

Provider has the right to transfer their rights and responsibilities wholly or in part to a third party, to whom will also be transferred the business activities related to the Service, and do this without the User's consent.


Privacy Policy

The privacy policy applies solely to information collected by this Service. It will notify you of the following:

Why does the Service gather information?

The Service exists for the purpose of showcasing professionals (seeking for job opportunities) to employers and clients (seeking for skilled professionals). From the jobseeking professional, the Service shall collect all necessary work history and expertise information necessary to showcase the professional to potential employers and clients. From the corporation seeking to employ a professional, the Service shall collect all necessary profile information to better introduce the employer. Furthermore, the emplyoer may decide to post additional details through their job position openings. Most importantly, the purpose of the Service is to use the gathered information for business purposes, i.e., the Provider will charge corporate users money for accessing the professional profiles and Provider is thus effectively selling the information contained within the service. No compensation for selling access/information shall made to the Users.

What personal information does the Service gather?

The main purpose of the service is to provide connection between professionals seeking for job opportunities and employer seeking for skilled professionals. In order for this connection to establish, Service collects information to be showcased in professionals' profiles, and their contact information for the purpose of establishing a connection once a suitable professional is found. Respectively, the Service collects showcase and contact information about the employers offering the jobs.

What choices are available to you regarding the use of your data

In the User's profile settings, each professional may configure whether he may be contacted online via email and whether his or her profile is available for browsing. Furthermore, the settings provide means to select whether the User wants to receive automatic notifications about suitable job openings, and set filters thereof.

User can add to system public, semi-private or private information. Public info is information lika display name and place (city).

Semi-private is information such as job and project history and knowledge and the related amount of experience.

When a user does not search for new employment opportunities, he can change the profile and all the information it contains entirely private, in which case the information contained therein are not shown to other users and the Service does not initiate contact with him.

How any collected data is stored and protected

The Service is protected by encryption and firewall. Administrator access is restricted by a password and access to the server room is monitored. The system password is given only to those liable persons which access is necessary.