Who is this service for?

IT- professionals

Roles sought after
At YourITprofile any person with experience from the IT industry that looks for new challenges in IT is welcome. See the front page for the current in demand skills, and keep your eye out for the job ads that will be here shortly.

You will be notified only about jobs matching your language skills and your selection above about what you are interested in.

Project experience
As most of the work that is facilitated runs in projects, the likely candidate have been part of several projects and can show a track record of getting things done.

Freelancers, project hires and full-time employees

Full-time employee
Looking for a new job and new experiences? Make sure to let us know whether you are looking for a career in consulting or if you are looking to get hired full time as an internal employee.

Do you have your own company and are looking for shorter or longer gigs? Let us know your skills, availability and rate and you are sure to get offers.

Project hire/temp hire
Do look for a short term gig, have a couple of months off, looking at trying out the consulting industry? Let us know your skills, experience and what you look for. Our partners offer part time employments that will take care of the customer billing.

Looking for IT professionals?

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